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Apologies in advance for another registration.

We have had issues in the past with predators attempting to gain access to profiles and protecting the integrity of the student athletes is crucial.  

Varsity Athlete's focus is to see its client's find the best academic fit for their long term future.  This includes providing information on prospective student athletes to any institution who has an interest.  

Varsity Athlete's prospective student-athletes clearinghouse is valuable in allowing coaches to familiarize themselves with our clients and does not waste their time with unwanted clutter emails and information.

In addition, all of our signed athletes are pre-screened covering issues such as character, alcohol and drugs.  We strive to provide student athletes that will be productive members for your institution and your team.  

Not all who request to work with Varsity Athlete are accepted.   As a coach you understand the terrifying reality more than most that your career hinges on the next 18 year old with a vindictive parent, enabled child or other event that can create undue stress or perhaps even a job loss.

Through our website, college coaches can easily navigate to prospective student-athletes who match the criteria you are looking for.


There are two ways to sign up.

1.  If you have an existing SportsEngine account, please log in.  Then go the the varsity athlete page and on the top, click become a member or join this site.

2.  If you do not have a SportsEngine account you will have to create one 




Please direct questions to:

Phone:  970-222-7628 (Mobile)

Kip Tani